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Group Classes
Descriptions below
(held in lower private studio)

                                          Monday 9:00 am Pilates    
                          Monday 12:30 pm   Yoga/Pilates Mat Combo
                         Wednesday 9:30 am Yoga/Pilates Mat Combo
                          Thursday 9:30 am   Yoga/Pilates Mat Combo
Friday 9:30 am CoreSculpt/Pilates 

Group Mat Classes:   $25/walk in    $180/package of 10    $320/package of 20   $450/package of 30

Pilates Mat:  A series of exercises designed by Joseph H. Pilates to strengthen the "core", lengthen, tone and balance muscles .  Improve your posture and balance.  Modifications and progressions given to ensure proper form and strength to perform each exercise. 
CORESculpt/Pilates:  Popular class! Strength and Conditioning from head to toe followed by Pilates mat exercises.
Yoga/Pilates w/Keith:   NEW!!  We’ll use the breath and yoga poses combined with Pilates exercises to not only lengthen your muscles and utilize your core but to strengthen your mind-body connection. This class is for anyone, from beginner to athletes looking to try yoga and pilates combined and learn how it can enhance your body and health.  


                             CHAKRA WORKSHOP   
                                                               APRIL 14th   1-3 pm   
                                                             $50 pre-registration    $55 at door
                                                                           Instructor:  Keith 

Master your Mind/Body Connection with this Chakra Workshop!  Learn about your spine and its connection to physical limitations and mental hang-ups!    
This 2 hour workshop will take you through each Chakra, touching upon their mudra, mantra, location and more.  We'll finish with a Meditation that takes us through all 7 Chakras.

In Yoga, Chakras are associated with specific areas of your spine, from your tail bone to the top of the head.  They each control different aspects of our physical and mental self.  We will learn about our physical self in why and where we hold stress. We will also get into the mental and sub-conscious self to see life's patterns so we can start fine tuning them to make them work for us.  
You will understand the nuances of your Chakras and will also take home the tools to sort out each Chakra.    This way you can begin creating the life you want to live and leave useless thoughts and repeating bad habits behind.   
In this Workshop we will systematically go through each Chakra's Element, Color, Sense, Mantra, Mudra, Affirmation and Location.   As well as what each deals with, governs, it's physical dysfunctions, psychological and emotional issues.   As well, learn what to expect from a Balanced Chakra and the postures that balance each Chakra.  We end with Meditation that takes us through all 7 Chakras.     Past Chakra workshops  w/Keith have had excellent reviews!!!

Please email:  bedfordpilates@gmail.com to register.   Or sign-up in studio.  


Please note:   All Reformer classes require a reservation and a commitment of the entire session (6 weeks).  You are reserving a piece of equipment in the class regardless of whether you are able to attend all the classes of the session or not.   There are no makeups or refunds which allows us to offer these classes at a discounted rate.   Thank you for understanding. 

​                                                        REFORMER CLASSES!!!
(Descriptions below)

Tuesday       11:15 am-12:10 pm   Reformer (Intermediate I)   (1 space open)
Tuesday       4:00-4:55 pm             Reformer (Intermediate III) (FULL)
Thursday      1:00-1:55 pm             Reformer (Intermediate I)  (1space open)
Thursday     4:00-4:55 pm              Reformer (Intermediate III) (FULL)

Pilates Reformer (55 min):                $180 for 6 weeks (max 4-5 clients)
Full payment required to reserve space in class-no makeups-no refunds

Group Reformer :    Total body workout on Pilates Reformer!  Once you experience "feet in straps" you  will be hooked!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the classes or your level placement.   

If you don't see a class that fits your schedule, request a time and we will post and try to fill

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