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Group Classes
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                                          Monday 9:00 am Pilates Mat    
                         Monday 12:30 pm  Yoga/Pilates Mat Combo
                                              Thursday 8:30 am  Yoga
Friday 9:30 am CoreSculpt/Pilates 

Group Mat Classes:   $25/walk in    $180/package of 10    $320/package of 20   $450/package of 30

Pilates Mat:  A series of exercises designed by Joseph H. Pilates to strengthen the "core", lengthen, tone and balance muscles .  Improve your posture and balance.  Modifications and progressions given to ensure proper form and strength to perform each exercise. 
CORESculpt/Pilates:  Popular class! Strength and Conditioning from head to toe followed by Pilates mat exercises.
Yoga/Pilates w/Keith:   NEW!!  We’ll use the breath and yoga poses combined with Pilates exercises to not only lengthen your muscles and utilize your core but to strengthen your mind-body connection. This class is for anyone, from beginner to athletes looking to try yoga and pilates combined and learn how it can enhance your body and health.  

                  INTRO TO YOGA Workshop
                                                                                 January 26th   9-11 am                                                                                           $50 pre-registration   $65 at door if space                                                                                                                                                 HEALTHY BACK Workshop
                                                                                   Saturday                                                                                     February 9th    3-5 pm   
                       $79 pre-registration ONLY​
                                                                                                                                   BACK to BASICS Workshop     
                  March 2nd    3-5 pm
                        $79 pre-registration ONLY          

INTRO TO YOGA:   Great introduction to Yoga!   Learn basic yoga poses, focusing on the correct alignment and body position so you can safely perform yoga in classes or on your own.    Taught by Keith (200 hour certified Yoga Instructor as well as Pilates Certified)
HEALTHY BACK WORKSHOP:   This workshop is intended for those that have lower back muscular pain associated with everyday life.....stress, weak abdominals, lack of core strength. Learn back stretches that will help alleviate back tightness and take home  a  repertoire that you can use when back tightness occurs or to use daily to prevent it from tightening up.  You will learn some do's and don'ts in your daily life and stretching/workout routines.   After seeing countless clients coming in with back pain from daily life, exercise (improper perhaps!), or injuries, Lorraine has found that doing exercises with some clients (even in the basic and proper form)  can cause back pain if the back muscles are so tight, the core is weak and other muscle groups are weak.  This HEALTHY BACK WORKSHOP followed by the "BACK TO BASICS EXERCISE" workshop will give you the tools to get on the right track!  (The next level workshop "Back to Basics"   you  will not only learn stretches for the back and major muscles in the body but you will learn how to strengthen each muscle group in isolation so the proper muscles are doing the work and other muscles (Such as your back) are not doing the work for the weak ones  Taught by Lorraine (Bio Below)
BACK TO BASICS EXERCISE WORKSHOP:  This workshop is intended for individuals who are beginning exercise, just getting back into working out, re-learning the muscle connections, or for more advanced fitness enthusiasts who need to return to the foundation because they always feel their back after their workout or when they are working out other muscles.   Learn stretches for the back and the major muscles and learn how to strengthen each muscle group in isolation so the proper muscles are doing the work and other muscles (such as your back) are not doing the work for the weak ones!   It really takes you back to the foundation of movement and you will be able to take these simple exercises and basics into your most difficult workout and get the most out of them.  This workshop can benefit EVERYONE from the ultra-beginner to the workout enthusiast who just sometimes gets muscle soreness in the wrong place!!   We will try to address your individual questions, concerns during the workshop.     Taught by Lorraine (Bio Below)

Lorraine has over 30 years experience in the fitness industry as a Pilates Studio Owner, Fitness Studio Owner, Pilates Trainer, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor,  and is a CEC provider for ACE (American Council on Exercise).    She is Stott Pilates Certified,  Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) GOLD certified,  American Council on Exercise (ACE) GOLD Certified, and has Post-Rehab Specialization.   She has been Pink Ribbon Certified (Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist) and Buff Bones Certified (Osteoporosis workout).   Her clients include Beginners, Seniors, Teenagers, College Students, Pre-Natal, Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts, Clients with Lower Back Issues, Breast Cancer Survivors, Clients with Osteoporosis, and more!​

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