A Bit About Us

Dedicated to You and Your Goals

Welcome to Bedford Pilates and Fitness Studio!   We are happy and grateful to have been serving the Bedford community since 2003!  Come see our beautiful, comfortable space overlooking a garden!  
Sisters, Lorraine Canzoniero and Dale Weber, co-owners, along with trainers, Phyllis, Tia, Janice and Keith (see Bios), will help you achieve your goals. Whether you are just starting Pilates (or exercise) for the first time, are post-rehab, wanting to have a stronger pain-free back, training for an athletic event, wanting to strengthen your core and your body or want to have better balance and posture, we can help! We train adults,  teens (13 and up), seniors, pre-natal (many Pilates babies including 3 sets of twins!), beginners, athletes, cancer survivors, men, women, and you!  Many of our clients consider us their "second home" and that is exactly how we like it!  We are a friendly, non-intimidating studio yet professional with quality training.


(914) 234-4634

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