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If you want an excellent workout with instructors that really know what they are doing, this is the place. The owner, Lorraine, is especially knowledgeable with work outs for those of us with back issues. She brought me from limited ability to being able to walk with confidence and strength. At 66, my core has never been stronger. During this difficult covid time she did virtual work so I could stay in shape. She is flexible with scheduling so I never have to miss a week if something unexpected comes up in my schedule. Her studio is clean and safe , with great equipment. I highly recommend this studio, and especially Lorraine.

D.F., Katonah, NY

 I’m so grateful for my experience with Bedford Pilates and especially thankful for Janice as my phenomenal instructor!   I had originally started Pilates after giving birth to my second child. Ten years later, Janice and I are still training together.  She customizes each work out to be challenging and interesting while always being thorough to ensure I stay free of injuries. Pilates is an integral part of my fitness routine and I owe it all to Janice for keeping me on track!

C.T., Bedford, NY

I returned to Pilates after a long hiatus while raising my kids - and it made me remember WHY it is such a great exercise program! Appropriate and challenging for any age, you will find yourself stronger, leaner, and more flexible as you progress. I feel very fortunate to be able to practice Pilates at Bedford Pilates and in particular with Tia. Tia is such a Pro:  knowledgeable, she brings you along in your practice, adding challenges as you are ready to meet them while keeping you in form and injury free. I know I work hard, as I feel it afterward, but the time flies by! Bedford Pilates is a lovely studio- conveniently located, lots of Parking, and staffed with friendly and caring people. A place that makes it easy to make the Commitment to exercise and health- what more could you want?

L.G., Bedford, NY

Not to be dramatic but Bedford Pilates has given me my life back! With lower back (L4/5) disc issues that prevented me from doing any and all of the things I enjoyed (including walking), I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Twice weekly sessions with Janice for the past 3 years have literally changed my life. Thanks to Janice's expertise and thoughtful training sessions, I was quickly relieved of pain and back to playing golf, hiking, and doing all the things I previously enjoyed. With previous trainers, (prior to Bedford Pllates)  they would forget that I'm not 25 anymore! I dreaded going and eventually stopped. With Janice, I look forward to it. She knows when to push and when not to. Janice is literally my lifesaver! 'safe to say, I'm a Bedford Pilates fan for life.

A.N., Bedford, NY

From my first day with Lorraine guiding and teaching me in her immaculate studio, I have found Bedford Pilates to be a sanctuary for health and well-being.

C.C., Bedford, NY

Janice is encouraging and creative and funny. She curates a unique tailored-to-your-needs/wishes workout. My body feels & looks better!  I highly recommend Janice and Bedford Pilates.

M.F., Bedford, NY

I joined Bedford Pilates as the pandemic restrictions were easing. I have loved it! I have worked with Lorraine who is amazing. And thanks to Bedford Pilates, I have the deep strength to play tennis again despite my scoliosis. I feel so lucky to have found Bedford Pilates. I am so grateful for the strength and energy working out there gives me. I don't have words for all the good things I have to say about Bedford Pilates!

S.S., NYC/Bedford, NY

Having done Pilates off and on for 20 years I can whole heartedly say Tia is the best instructor I have had. She was quickly able to assess where I needed to build strength and confidence. She consistently challenges me and doesn’t let me get bored or complacent in my workouts!

H.B., Bedford, NY


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