Leg Stretching Yoga Pose

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Prop Purchase Suggestions

These are the most requested props and the ones  that we suggest and use most for in-studio and virtual workouts.   We have chosen these products based on the quality and with cost consideration.
These will link you to Amazon where we are an affiliate and may get monetary compensation.  This does not affect the price you pay.  (Please click on photo of item to purchase)


Balanced Body Pilates Ring -Large


Merrithew Knee Pads


Mini 9" Soft Ball

Great for inner thigh connection during ab work.   Great for lower back release exercises


TheraBand Blue/Black Resistance Bands

Great for more balance support and leg work -heavier resistance


Balanced Body Balance and Therapy Wedge

Great to support your back during Lower Ab exercises---so just feel your lower abs and not your back!  Also great for sitting


Exercise Ball

Exercise ball can be ordered in 55-95  cm size according to your body height and weight.   Great for stretching, balance, intense ab work, everything!


Exercise Mat


Stott Pilates 2 pound balls




Reformer Double Loops Straps

Purchase your own pair of Reformer Feet (Double Loop) Straps for use in the Studio - your own personal pair!


Reformer Padded Handles

Own your own Reformer Handles for in-studio use.


Reformer Non-Stick Towel

Your own non-stick towel for use on Reformer in-studio.  Keep for your own use and protection.


Non-Stick Unisex Socks


Stott Pilates Double Loop Footstraps


Balanced Body Mini-Ring


Balanced Body Reformer Handles


Balanced Body tower



Stott Pilates Home Reformer



Balanced Body IQ Reformer


Balanced Body IQ Reformer


Balanced Body Handles

Handles for use on reformer, cadillac and tower.