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Healthy Back Workshop

Back Stretches/Tips for Healthy Back

This workshop is intended for those who have lower back muscular pain associated with weak abdominals, weak back muscles, lack of core strength, and/or stress.   Learn back stretches that will help alleviate back tightness and take home a repertoire of back stretches that you can utilize when tightness occurs or daily to prevent back tightness.  You will  learn some do's and don'ts in your daily life and in your stretching/workout routine.  After seeing countless clients coming in with back pain from daily life, exercise (improper perhaps!), or injuries, Lorraine has developed a series of stretches and core strengthening exercises (See Back to Basics Workshop) that help alleviate back tightness and help to strengthen the core to prevent future back pain episodes.  Take home stretches to do at home. 

Sunday March 1st   9-11 am

$99 pre-registration required

Lorraine is offering Healthy Back Private sessions :  $150   Learn all the back stretches and review exercises that you do at home or in a class and see how you should be doing them properly to protect your back.   Take home stretches to do on your own.  Please contact to set up a session


Back to Basics Workshop

Back Stretches and Core Strengthening

This workshop is designed for individuals who need to get back to exercise basics.  For beginners or for workout enthusiasts who feel their back after working out or do not feel it in the correct muscles.  This workshop can help you learn how to isolate each muscle to learn how to engage it.  This is perfect for beginners, or individuals who have not been exercising in awhile.  You will learn how to isolate each muscle individually so that they do their job when exercising and when called upon in daily functions.  You will learn exercises to help strengthen your core and take home tools to continue these exercises on your own.

   Sunday March 22nd 9-11 am

      $99 pre-registration required


Chakra Workshop
Intro to Yoga Workshop

Chakra Workshop:

Coming Soon!

$59 Pre-Registration Required

Intro to Yoga Workshop:

Coming Soon!

$59 Pre-Registration Required

Chakra Workshop:   

Master your mind/body connection with this Chakra Workshop!  Learn about your spine and associated Chakras to physical limitations and mental hang-ups.

This 2 hour workshop will take you through each Chakra touching upon their mudra, mantra, location and more.  We'll finish with Meditation that takes us through all 7 Chakras.   In Yoga, Chakras are associated with specific areas of the spine from your tailbone to the top of your head.   Learn the nuances of Chakras and take home tools to de-stress your life and leave bad habits behind!

Intro to Yoga:   

Learn basic poses of Yoga with modifications if necessary.   Great for beginners to Yoga and for those who would like a refresher on proper form for the Yoga Poses.